At Warren Wood, we recognise that learning an additional language offers plentiful opportunities to develop and hone pupils’ personal development. The benefit of language learning incites valuable developments in the social and cultural experiences of the speaker, with high quality language provision enabling pupils to communicate and express their ideas to a wider variety of people globally. A language provision has been created to deliver progressional development throughout the primary phase, which utilises the use of enjoyment to prepare pupils for secondary education and ultimately equipping them with valuable employable skills. Our curriculum aims to increase pupil confidence in expressing themselves in the target language, gain context and insight into other cultures and maintain a sense of enjoyment around life-long language learning. Indeed, language learning has been found to increase the speakers’ awareness of their native language, which is especially important for children whose oracy skills need improvement.

Our language provision builds upon previously acquired knowledge of vocabulary, syntax and grammar from prior years, culminating in a level beneficial to secondary education. Use of multimodal approaches to the delivery of lessons ensures an engaging environment, which fosters enjoyment, inclusivity and co-operation. Multimodal approaches include and are not limited to: use of images, native speaker recordings, videos and interactive resources, games, singing and role-playing scenarios. Celebrations of key cultural events (i.e. Bastille Day and Poisson D’Avril) helps to encouragement awareness and respect of differing cultures that exist close to our national borders and further afield.