Within our schools, our values our at the heart of everything we do and our recipe guides all learning to prepare our children for life in Modern Britain. The skills within our recipe and values (respect, excellence, collaboration, independence, perseverance , enjoyment , leadership , integrity and care) are essential to ensure that children are prepared for life beyond their schooling and the world of work.

Each term, the children focus on an aspect of the recipe which leads them to explore a key character skill that employers are currently seeking: communication, collaboration, critical thinking, creativity, problem-solving and emotional-intelligence. At the end of each term, they are then given the opportunity to help others in the community and work with local businesses to put the skills they have gained into practice.

The above skills are then supported by a broad and balanced curriculum which is embedded into each Trust school to ensure that a cross-curricular approach to learning is adopted. This approach is inclusive to ensure that academic excellence and high aspirations are an expectation of all students. The application of academic skills, which are guided by the national curriculum, will ensure a high quality provision can be taught.

By providing pupils with the aforementioned skills and knowledge, alongside an enthusiastic and positive approach to teaching and learning, the children are being provided with essential skills which will prepare them for life in modern Britain.