Our vision – Maths Mastery

At Warren Wood Primary School, we passionately believe that every child can excel in maths and are devoted to ensuring our children leave primary school with a sound understanding of the fundamentals of mathematics. We aspire to help each child develop a love of maths and aim to create an environment that fosters an enjoyment and curiosity of the subject and helps them to become confident mathematicians.

We provide our children with deep and meaningful learning experiences that explore mathematical concepts deeply through the new approach to mathematics we have recently embarked on – Maths Mastery. Through this new approach, children in Warren Wood will achieve a deeper understanding of maths, enabling to make connections between various mathematical concepts and solve problems both systematically and creativity. Teaching using the mastery approach has inclusivity at its’ core. In maths lesson at Warren Wood, the whole class moves through topics and concepts at the same pace. We spend longer amounts of time on key mathematical topics and concepts to give all learners the opportunity to practice, explore the concept in depth and provide any interventions in a timely and effective manner. We believe and aspire to ensure that all leaners, with the right support and scaffolding, access and understand the full mathematics curriculum and are committed to ensuring that no child is left behind.

The core concepts teachers take into consideration when planning maths lessons are the ‘Big Five Ideas’ of Maths Mastery outlined by the National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics:

  • Fluency
  • Representation and Structures
  • Cohesion
  • Variation
  • Mathematical thinking


White Rose

New to Warren Wood Primary School this academic year, we have embraced a new and exciting maths programme called White Rose to support our teaching from Reception to Year 6. This programme is unpinned by the core values of maths mastery, is fully aligned with the National Curriculum and is

recommended by the Department of Education. White Rose is a whole-class, mastery-based resource that, through a growth mind-set approach, empowers every child to succeed.

What does a lesson look like?

Throughout children’s mathematical learning journey in Warren Wood, they are encouraged to solve problem each day using a concrete, pictorial, abstract approach which is fluid. Children are first introduced to an idea or skill through a variety of methods include acting it with real objects/equipment allowing children to see and understand maths in the real world. They then relate the ‘hands on’ representation to a picture of diagram of the problem with goal to enable children to represent problems using mathematical notations supported by a solid foundation and understanding. Individual lessons are divided into 3 clear sections, I do, we do and you do.

Have fun with maths using these following links;

Click the links below to read the Maths Calculations Policies – #MathsEveryoneCan for Years 1-6

Multiplication and Division Calculation
Addition and Subtraction Calculation