The Evergreen Centre provides support for students who have an Education Health Care Plan (EHCP) with Speech, Language and Communication Needs (SLCN) as their primary need.

Our students follow the mainstream curriculum and take part in school life. The Evergreen Lead and SENCo liaise with teaching staff to ensure that they are aware of the students’ individual needs and, also, of their interests and preferred methods of learning. We believe that all pupils should have equal opportunities to access a full and engaging curriculum delivered by trained staff that enables them to achieve their full potential.

Interventions and entitlement, we offer:

  • Collaborative target setting between class teachers and speech therapists
  • Supportive safe environment
  • Opportunities to encourage speaking skills
  • Opportunities to encourage listening skills
  • Bush-Craft weekly sessions
  • Swimming lessons (KS2 pupils will attend as part of the PE curriculum and swim at allocated times throughout the year.)
  • Supported integrated sessions into mainstream
  • Highly differentiated curriculum with a high language focus
  • Multi-sensory resources including Makaton, Wigdit communication boards and Cued-Articulation
  • The Shape Coding system and Colourful Semantics used to assist language development.
  • Structured small step approach – Bsquared assessment scheme
  • Small differentiated groups
  • Opportunities for adult interaction to develop children’s play skills and vocabulary
  • Language for Thinking sessions
  • Academic interventions
  • Structured motor co-ordination activities where applicable
  • Structured social skills programme to meet needs

Speech Therapy
Speech and Language Therapists are based at the Centre. The therapists are involved with assessment, therapy, monitoring children’s progress and setting targets. The class teachers and speech therapists plan and work collaboratively.

Inclusion opportunities
As the Centre is part of a mainstream school, there are excellent opportunities for inclusive provision for all of our children. All children are included in playtimes, lunchtimes, assemblies, PE, special occasions and productions. Opportunities for further inclusion are arranged when deemed appropriate.